CWC Pretty Fancy Fashion Show 2011

Here is a video of a fashion show Pretty Fancy did at the Christian Women’s Connection back in 2011. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “CWC Pretty Fancy Fashion Show 2011

  1. I would love to attend one of your shows, Linda. This video was really fun. Who was singing the song? She has a lovely voice.

    1. Hi Robyn, I give a Fashion Show about once or twice a year for the Christian Women’s Connection (various chapters thru-out So.Cal. I usually post those shows on the Pretty Fancy website. The shows are usually Easter or Christmas functions. Bet you can’t guess who the Easter Bunny is!!? I really do not know the identity of the singer. The singer could be Celine Dion or the lead singer in the video. The singing group is the Sylvia Cotton Singers. They also perform for the CWC chapters. The lead female vocalist is an M.D. and she is wearing a custom hat that I made for her. Very talented group. One can notice by the models in the video; that Pretty Fancy has clothing for all types of ladies.
      Thank you for your gracious comments. Hope to see you at a show or a CWC event. Tony Banzuelo, Chief Pack Mule & Spider Killer for the ever-so-lovely, Linda. P.S. Tony also doubles as the Easter Bunny!

  2. Hi Robyn, The New, Revised Pretty Fancy 2016 Show Schedule is now posted on the Pretty Fancy website for your review and comments. Maybe we will see you at one of the shows?!?!?!
    Take care, Tony B

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